Who is Livvit?

Based in Brisbane, the Livvit team are an innovative group of health-conscious free thinkers seeking to make a positive change in the nutritional sector. Livvit is a new Australian brand powered by Sanofi, a global leader in consumer healthcare solutions who have a long history in vitamins, minerals and supplements.

This means we utilise the latest evidence-based research and the same rigorous high-quality manufacturing infrastructure behind well-known brands such as Nature’s Own, Ostelin and Cenovis. We are proud to be paving the way forward in personalised nutrition and can’t wait to begin supporting you on your individual healthcare journey.

Nutritional expertise meets technology

From our nutritionist developed health quiz to your personalised vitamin formulations, the entire Livvit solution has been developed by experts. This means that all of our formulations are supported by the latest evidence-based research. Wherever possible, our products contain high bioavailable mineral forms of ingredients for improved absorption and activated forms of vitamins that are easier for the body to utilise.

Australian Made, to GMP quality standards

All of our products are listed in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) and proudly manufactured in Australia in a facility that complies with strict good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. We subject our products to rigorous testing multiple times throughout the supply chain to ensure high quality and stability.

We don't use any unnecessary fillers or additives to refine or process any of our formulations. None of our formulations contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, gluten, lactose, dairy or GMO ingredients.


Many organisations today pay lip service to sustainability without actually making any commitment or meaningful change. At Livvit, we don't believe you can speak authentically about health and wellness if your business is simultaneously trashing the planet. After all, a healthy Earth is kind of necessary for healthy humans. We're the first to admit we aren't there yet, but we've set ourselves some ambitious targets around sustainability, and we're sharing them with you so you can keep us honest.

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